Hi! I’m Ylenia

Masters Degree in Human Nutrition


Location : Italy

Languages Known : Italian, Spanish and English

“My mission is to guide you towards a new awareness and your full nutritional potential!”  

My name is Ylenia Chiarvesio, I’m a registered nutritionist with a master’s degree in Human Nutrition. I have a previous bachelor’s degree in IT, but at a certain point in my life, I felt that I wanted to pursue a meaningful job that would have helped people and fostered learning and growth, so I decided to change my career path and become a nutritionist.  

The interest in nutrition as an essential tool for a healthy life, led me towards the exploration of nutrigenetics, and functional nutrition which aims to create highly personalized nutritional plans, identifying, for each specific case, the associations among foods.  

I’m also specialized in plant-based sports nutrition, a branch of nutrition that I love, and which I fully investigated with a specialization course.

If you want to reach your health goals, I would be happy to work together and create a tailor-made nutrition plan for you.

What I Offer


SPORTS Nutrition

Are you an athlete or are you approaching for the first time the world of fitness? I’ll create for you a highly personalized meal plan that matches your specific goals (gaining muscle mass, fat loss..)


Which kind of food works for you and which doesn’t? We’ll discover together what are the best dietary associations for your specific condition (bloating, constipation, low energy level, skin issues, etc..)


If you’re struggling to lose weight, we’ll identify which plant-based dietary strategies are best for weight management.


If you suffer from food intolerances, I’ll identify which food substitutions is best for your case