Why Should You Use Vegan Cosmetics ?

Veganism is a cruelty-free lifestyle that is more than just what one chooses to eat.  It is the rejection of animal cruelty and exploitation in all of its manifestations.  So that includes not wearing animal skin, fur or feathers as clothing for example.  Consequently, it comes then as no surprise that discerning vegans apply the same principles to the cosmetics that they use.

Wanting to look and smell good is entirely natural.  Unfortunately though, many main-stream cosmetics manufacturers, in pursuit of those particular markets, have no qualms about exploiting and abusing small animals.  That’s because, and as hard as it is to believe in the twenty-first century, it is widespread practice for cosmetics manufacturers to routinely test their products on animals.  So numerous helpless, innocent animals are subjected to having shampoo and perfumes forcibly into their eyes and other sensitive areas. 

There is though an additional angle to factor in here.  That is specifically designed vegan cosmetics – products that are manufactured without the any animal products in their composition.  For example, ever heard of lanolin?  It is a grease like substance that is secreted by the wool-bearing creatures and is used in lot cosmetic creams and lotions.  Not only is that very not vegan, lanolin also has something of a reputation for blocking up skin pores, causing acne, blackheads and other general skin problems.

Other animal components commonly found in non-vegan cosmetics include things like:

Glycerin.  An animal fat used in some shampoos and things like moisturizers and conditioners.

Guanine.  Obtained from shellfish, guanine can be found in many glossy lipsticks or nail polishes.

Squalene.  Extracted from shark livers, this can be found in a number of eye-make products.

Castoreum.  Used in the production of certain perfumes for it’s particular fragrance, castoreum is obtained from the glands of beavers.

And those are just a select few.  When shopping for vegan cosmetics, a little research really can go a long way.

Vegan cosmetics are also generally much more environmentally friendly in terms of the
lack of harsh chemicals and also recyclability.  So when using vegan cosmetics, not only are you giving our animals friends and your skin a break, you get to help out Mother Earth too. 

Smell good, look good and feel good – in every vegan sense of the word – with vegan cosmetics.



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