Even if you are in a minority of one, the truth is still the truth
— Mahatma Gandhi

And his words about the truth are, well, the truth! Making a difference comes in many different styles.  A mass peaceful protest, for example, is empowering, visible and potentially effective.  But what about one person’s stand, one person’s shout out against what are seemingly insurmountable odds – such as one person giving up meat?

Despite the gains of the cruelty-free, meat-free movement in recent years, being omnivorous is still the dominant lifestyle of the human majority of the planet.  Consequently, given the disparity in numbers between meat eaters and non-meat eaters, the question about the difference that one person giving up meat makes comes into focus.

The reality is, despite that niggling feeling of “what difference will it make if I give up meat?”, one person doing so really does make a difference for both the animals and the environment (let alone for their health also).

According to the “Vegetarian Calculator”, just one year alone of not eating meat will save 202 animal lives and over 1600 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions in a year.

Source:   https://vegancalculator.com/

So, in a very real sense, one person giving up meat makes a very big life or death difference to the animals in question that are spared slaughter.

Like a grain of sand alone, one has no beach.  But then every beach is made up of a multitude of individual grains of sand.  Being just one non-meat eater in isolation is just that – isolated.  But being one as part of a growing number is both empowering and continues to make a more and more effective difference every single day.