Help others transition to a

plant based diet.

Diet & Nutrition Counseling

As a plant based dietician or a nutritionist, you must have come across tons of people with different dietary preferences, cultures, habits and issues, but why restrict yourself to a particular geography, when you have the skills to touch the lives of so many people across the globe ?

Hi, There!

We’re Greenesta

We’re is a one-of-a-kind marketplace that brings plant based dieticians, nutritionists, fitness experts from across the world, together on one platform to guide anyone who would like to switch or transition to a plant based diet.

How you can benefit


Work remotely

Be wherever you are.

Consult Globally

We help you reach a wider audience globally.


We save you tons of marketing dollars, while we spend on marketing your expertise through our platform

Earn Alternatively

We provide you with an additional avenue of get clients, without any effort from your end & at your convenience

Protect Confidentiality

We take care of your client data confidentiality, we’re HIPAA complaint


We enable you to start out, at zero costs

Grow Exponentially

We support your growth, the more the number of clients, the lesser our commission


We provide you with a platform to collaborate with other allied experts to provide your client faster and better benefits


We worry about your payment issues, so you don’t have to EVER. we also take care of no shows, delays, customer service or any other issues, so you can simply focus on your job

A Perfect Plant Based Success Recipe for You.

“ Let’s build wellness together than treating a disease.”

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