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Cruelty-free today is no longer simply about a diet, but also a lifestyle (whether you think in terms of cosmetics, leather alternatives, clothing, medicine and more), a key aspect that often goes unnoticed today and that is something which can be easily adopted by anyone. 

Greenesta thus creates more awareness by bringing all aspects of cruelty-free together on one platform which enables all of us to pull in the same direction. This translates into an easier transition for anyone of us who wants to try out a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Together we can create a world which protects our animals, our environment, our health and most importantly our future.

We can always revert back to the old way of doing things, nobody can stop us, but isn’t it worth giving a try ?

We make it easier for you to Make Cruelty-Free Choices.

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Greenesta Brings It Together


Book services of an experienced healthcare professional to understand what you can do to make your daily diet better, healthier and cruelty-free or book spa services which uses organic and cruelty-free products, the choices are endless.



Find both food and non-food products you use in your daily lives and start building a cruelty-free lifestyle right here. 


 Check out online courses which teaches about vegan nutrition, develop culinary skills or learn how to make shampoo or soap at home, the list is endless. Find out what interests you right here.



We all love to connected to each other, ask questions, seek answers share our experiences and much more and that’s what makes us human. A community is one great way to bring everyone together, learn each others perspectives. Start building or join a community here.


A lot of us love to travel, but food restrictions can sometimes be a dampener. So find places where you would love to be a guest whether it be because of food or because they use cruelty-free toiletries and accessories. Find your choice here.



  • For General Queries : hello@greenesta.co

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We are dedicated to building a newer way – with tireless determination, genuine care, and innovation living at the core of everything we do. So, let’s get to know your business and your unique goals so that we can come up with a plan that works for you. Contact us for any questions you may have and we assure to reply within 48 Hours or sooner.

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