Thinking about a vegan career ?

So, you’ve decided to become a vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan? Awesome! Everyone has their own unique reason to embark on this journey. Personally, I choose this lifestyle because I realized I cared strongly about animals and didn’t want to be complicit in actions that cause them harm.

What I have really learned is that after that initial period where I was proud of switching, I began to feel like I could do more. After all, the only way that cruelty- free can eventually become a widespread way of life is if the people who practice it continue to spread it to others. That’s why its natural to wonder what the best way is to continue to work towards this goal. The answer is through a career choice.

Now, it is tough to make changes when it affects your wallet. That’s why I have compiled a list of five careers that make a nice salary and afford you the chance to continue spreading your cruelty-free lifestyle. So, without further ado, here is the list:

1.    Teacher

What better way is there to continue educating people about being conscious of what they eat than having the opportunity to educate children. The next generation is hopefully the one that will make the switch to some sort of vegetarianism. Still, this cannot happen without kids being educated about these problems from a young age. Even if they don’t switch, maybe it will make them more conscious of what meat they eat in the future, and with a rapidly growing population, every decision matters.

Of course, you do have to like being around kids all day and a college degree is required. On the plus side, you automatically get a 3-month summer vacation every year.

Median wage: $61,660 and for a state by state breakdown click here.

2.    Chef

One of the biggest reasons people won’t try out a meat conscious lifestyle is because they’re worried, they won’t be able to eat delicious food anymore. The easiest way to get people over this hurdle is to show them all of the wonderful vegan dishes that can be made. Whether helping to start a new restaurant based using Beyond meat or adding some new flavors to some vegetarian dishes, anyone with a talent for cooking has a lot to contribute to the cruelty-free cause right now.

Average salary: $64,811

3.    Lawyer

One of the most effective ways to improve the lives of animals or save the environment is working to enact change through the justice system. Long accepted ways of treating farm animals have started to become illegal. With this development, more lawyers are needed to make sure that people who continue to harm animals face fair judgement. Every decision that is made in you favor could be the basis for saving many more animals in the future. Plus, the pay is really amazing.                                                                                                                                         

Median salary: $120,910

4.     Meatless meat technology researcher

The popularity of Beyond and Impossible meat has started to soar thanks to their inclusion in many restaurants and fast food joints. Still, they remain a decent amount pricier than real meat and still need a little more progress in their taste to convince people to make the change. Joining the company as a researcher offers a unique opportunity to continue to improve the finished product and also receive some specials deals from the company.            

Average Salary: $53,672

5.    Nutritionist

More than ever, people are more concerned with their appearances. With this trend, nutritionists have become more popular for people who want to eat healthy, but don’t want or have the time to plan their meals. As a nutritionist, you would have the option to recommend a diet that avoids certain types of meat. Pairing this with being able to educate them on the benefits of cruelty-free meat provides an interesting career to make a difference.

Median salary: $46,490


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