Hello! I’m Ana

Masters in Dietetics and Nutrition

Location : Dublin, Ireland

Languages Known : Irish, English (UK)

 “Ana has more than 8 years of experience working in health businesses and dealing with all types of clients. Ana follows and promotes a wholefoods plant-based diet for disease prevention, management and reversal. She also specialises in weight loss, sports performance and recovery.

Ana recommends a holistic approach when it comes to optimising your diet, health and wellbeing. Her style is warm, supportive and encouraging. She gives simple, practical steps to help you integrate lasting change in your daily life, without losing the joy and pleasure of food. Where appropriate, she will recommend nutritional supplements, superfoods and herbs to help you to achieve perfect balance in mind, body and soul.

What I Offer



Supplement and lifestyle recommendations.


A 2 week sample menu with shopping list and recipes

Educational RESOURCES

Resources for you to be in control of your healthy food choices confidently.