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Founder and Author

I’m the founder of Greenesta and an author of Climascapes, which explores how sustainable businesses are both the future, and a multi-billion dollar opportunity in the waiting.

Reducing the impact of climate change helps each and every one of us in the long run, but real change happens when awareness is created, people are educated and enough jobs are created to spread the message. 

Keeping this in mind, this platform was created to bring educators, experts, companies and job seekers who want to make a difference through the work they do. 

So, you might be a climate change business or are someone who is passionate about working in companies who want to reduce the impact of climate change, this platform is for both of you.

Life was simple, the world we once lived was simple. Let’s educate and build to recreate that magic once again.

What will you Do here



If you are a business which contributes to reduce the impact of climate change, are looking to showcase their business capabilities or want to hire great talent then your company would greatly benefit from being on this platform.


Whether you are an organization, or a domain expert, if you can educate employees or students looking to build a career in climate change, then you can create online courses for them. You would not find a better place. 



If you’re an experienced professional, a recent graduate or simply someone who wants to build a career in companies which work in the climate change domain then you have come to the right place.


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